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Digital Message On-Hold Player/Recorder/Interface
plus 1 to 4 line interface for your Analog SOHO / Consumer Phones
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NOTE: This model has been discontinued but may be available as pre-owned. Other models of interest include the OHP6500. Please call 702.868.7676 for other solutions.
OHP 5500 Digital Player/Interface -- With the OHP 5500 Digital Player, now ANY business can have on-hold audio. It used to be that only businesses with PBX or KEY phone systems could have on-hold audio. Not anymore! The new OHP 5500 has an integrated analog adapter module which allows it to provide on-hold audio content to ordinary analog and popular "KSU-Less" phone systems.

The module is a landmark achievement that allows millions of businesses without PBX or KEY systems to have on-hold audio for the first time, ever. The OHP 5500 works with virtually all analog and KSU-less phones and is activated by pressing the *hold button on any phone extension (see note below). The module supports up to four incoming lines and provides on-hold audio on up to 50 phone extensions (includes 2 (TEHMA) activators.

To operate, Just drop in a single-track CD, close the lid -- the OHP 5500 player spins up the disc and records it into non-volatile digital flash memory (immune to power outages) automatically! Playback begins immediately as the CD transport then shuts off and waits for your next message update. Want to record tracks individually? You can do that, too!

With the OHP 5500 any business, regardless of size, can sound like a corporate giant.

The OHP 5500 comes with 8-minute recording/playback capacity. Want more time? Simply lift a door to add memory modules and upgrade to 16, 24 or 32 minutes.  We also offer a "manual/auto" load version... the OHP6500. If you system is a larger PBX/KSU business style that already has a MOH Music/Message On Hold audio input, check out our OHP6000.

Note: On telephone lines that include the Phone Company Feature "Call Waiting," only the original caller may listen to your message when placed on hold. When flashing between two callers, neither caller will hear the message because with the phone company "Call Waiting" feature, the hold condition occurs at the phone company, not your office. As mentioned, when putting an original caller on hold, they WILL hear your On Hold message. . Hold button activation requires a TEHMA be present on the phone placing the call on hold. If activating via a cordless phone, either use a TEHMA with your headset, or place caller on hold by pressing the star key twice. Lean more about the TEHMA here.

If you use "Centrex" phone services:
The OHP5500 unit may still work with with "Centrex" phone systems. If you activate your hold feature using the "Hold" button on the phone, this model should activate "Hold" and "Message On-Hold." If using the "Centrex" "Hold" feature, (usually by pressing the sequence [*7, etc.) your caller gets placed on hold at the telephone company central office (CO) and will not activate the OHP5500.

Phone Model Compatibility Issues:
To see a list of compatibility issues Click Here.

Please allow for standard or express shipping.
Please call for quantity pricing and even lower OEM package pricing:

OHP 5000 Digital Message On Hold player and recorder

With our "Drop in CD, Close Lid, Walk Away" feature, this is the easiest to use Message On-Hold player in the industry!
Updates are as simple as that!
The OHP 5500 loads any standard Compact Disc (CD) of one or more tracks. If your CD has multiple tracks, simply select the desired tracks up to your memory limit (8 minutes standard, upgrade to 16, 24 or 32 minutes) and press the RECORD button. Those tracks will now "load" to its internal Flash Style computer memory chip(s). Once loaded, audio remains onboard even during power bumps and outages.... no batteries to monitor or replace - your audio remains intact.

To take advantage of the "Auto Load" feature simply insert a single track CD (as would be provided by Powers Productions), close the lid and walk away. Your OHP 5500 now spins the CD, loads your message into its internal memory chip and shuts off the CD transport until your next message update. Feel free to remove the recorded CD at any time.

Need to increase your record/playback time to more than 8 minutes? Our Memory Chips add additional capacity to 16, 24 or 32 minutes in 8 minute intervals.
Sound Quality
The OHP 5500 utilizes ISD Chipcorder™ technology which was chosen for its superior sound quality over typical flash-memory-based systems. Sound quality is comparable to systems with 128Kbps or better sampling rates. 8KHz Sample Rate .Retains music/message content even during power outages.
Integrated CD mechanism
Quickly and easily record high-quality audio with the built-in CD transport.
CD Autoload
Drop in a CD with a single track, close the lid, and the unit automatically records the content.
Multi-Track Programmable
Drop in a Multi-Track CD and choose which tracks and in what order to record.
Maximum number of messages: 31, programmable internal from audio CD
Up to 32 minutes of recording capacity
The OHP 5500 ships with 8 minutes of digital flash memory. This can be easily upgraded to 16, 24 or 32 minutes.
LCD Control Panel
Displays program length, time remaining in unit's memory, and unit's current mode of function.
External Recording Capability
Audio input allows you to record from any external audio source. Your source might be a computer sound card or any device that outputs a standard audio signal.
8 ohm or 600 ohm Heavy Duty Program Output
Just plug in to your telephone's Music/Message On Hold audio input with supplied audio cord.
Built-in Preview / Monitor Speaker
Allows user to monitor sound with the flip of a switch during Record or normal Playback.
Place on Desktop, or Wall Mountable
Unit can sit on any horizontal surface or be mounted, played and recorded in a vertical position.
Trigger switch
For Point of Sale or special purposes, unit can be triggered to start program content from the beginning with an external trigger switch.
Analog Phone Capability
Adds true "hold button" hold music activation to standard analog and KSU-less telephones with up to 4 lines and 50 station sets. Works with all types of phones - even cordless.
Included Extras
(2) Telephone Extension Hold Music Activators (additional adapters available seperately)
(2) Phone jack "T" adapters, (2) 6' telephone line cords, (2) 4" corded phone handset cords,
(2) Cordless phone adapter cables, power supply, audio "load" jumper cord, audio to phone system cord and audio adapter (RCA female to 1/8"male mini plug & 1/8" male to RCA female plug)
3-year warranty
Check with us before purchasing any On-Hold Playback or Interface equipment elsewhere. We handle Premier Technologies, Bogen, Skutch, Viking, Nel-Tech, OnHoldPlus and more. Just about any brand and model. In fact, if you don't see a particular unit chances are we can get it for you at a very attractive price! We'll be happy to give you a competitive quote.
NOTE: Contact us with a legitimate equipment price quote and we'll try to meet or beat it! We work directly with the distributors and manufactures to get you the very best deal available to us to pass on to you !!

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