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Digital Message On-Hold Player/Recorder
Premier Technologies USB 1200 Single Track Flash Drive
Premier Technologies USB 1200M Multi Track/Mode Flash Drive
(Note: the USB1100 has been upgraded to the USB1200/1200M)
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Premier Technologies USB 1200 / 1200M Series
The USB 1200 is a Single Track / Single mode player
The USB 1200M is a Multi-Track / Multi-Mode player

Both the USB 1200 and USB 1200M units are the latest digital Message On Hold players from Premier Technologies and designed for continuous audio playback. Audio is stored on a removable USB Flash drive (included) and plugged into the USB hub on the unit. The loading of the audio is easily done by "dragging and dropping" a single mp3 file (or single or multiple files in the case of the 1200M) from your computer to the included USB Thumbnail/Jumpdrive memory stick without the use of special software. With this technology Powers Productions can now email you your production as soon as you have approved it. No more waiting for a Postal Person to deliver your message via horseback.

The USB 1200 also includes 32 megabytes of built-in internal flash memory. This means you won't need to keep your Flash Drive plugged into the USB Hub (slot) when a single track is loaded to your memory stick. Feel free to remove the jump-drive to update its contents, while enjoying the continued play of your message via the USB1200 internal memory! The internal flash memory will store a single MP3 file (up to 32MB) that is automatically transferred from a removable USB flash drive. In the case of the USB1200M you may play one of 6 tracks or multiple tracks (depending on mode selection) directly from the memory stick.

Play (loop around) one of six tracks in play modes 1 through 6, or select mode 7, which plays up to 1023 tracks in sequential rotation (plays all tracks and then loops back to the beginning and starts over).

Standard MP3 Playback, MP3 Audio is widely recognized as a popular audio compression format.

Selectable bit rate - MP3 sampling rates can range from 32 (low) to 256 (high) kbps.

Non-Proprietary System! - No additional software is required to load mp3 files to your USB flash drive. You easily do it yourself.

Electronic Delivery is User Friendly - The process of receiving Message On-Hold updates is easy! Simply remove the USB flash drive from the unit, and plug into the USB port of a computer. Audio files are a "drag and drop" transfer from the computer into the USB flash drive. Plug the flash drive back into the USB 1200 for instant audio playback.

E-Mail - Powers Productions can email your MP3 audio production Message On Hold update. You may save the MP3 audio file to the computer's hard drive, and transfer to the USB flash drive.

Commercially Built - The USB 1200 is intended for use in a business application, that includes message on-hold and in-store music.

Power Re-boot - Your USB 1200 will automatically re-boot the audio playback after a power outage or bump, while audio is safely maintained internally (if loaded) and by your flash drive.

Aluminum Enclosure - Durable encasing will withstand rugged phone room conditions and reduce possible RF/Electric Interface.

Amplified Volume Control - Two different outputs are designed to provide adequate volume for any phone system MOH input.

Tone Control - Adjust to desired bass and treble levels.

Wall Mount - Compact design and visible flanges ensure an easy installation.

(NOTE: USB1200M version) Selectable Track Playback Mode Button - The USB 1200M can store and play over 1000 audio files. Select one of six tracks or "play all" by pressing the Play Mode/Speaker button on the side of the unit. (USB1200M ONLY)

External Memory / Removable USB Flash Drive - Using external memory ensures that you will not be required to un-install the entire unit from the phone room to update the on-hold message.

PC or Mac - MP3 and USB technologies are PC / MAC compatible.

Larger Memory Capacity - For in-store and overhead music.

32 MB OnBoard Memory
USB Flash Drive Included

Maximum Ease of Use

(Model USB1200) You merely load your single MP3 audio file onto your USB Flash Drive via your USB jack on your PC, then move the Flash Drive to your USB 1200 player by inserting it into its USB slot, and enjoy automatic download to internal memory.

(Model USB1200M) The "M" version is ideal for those that require "mode" play or multiple track playback directly from your Jumpdrive memory stick. Please discuss your specific needs with a Powers Productions representative

Memory Type: USB Flash Drive included

Digitizing Rate: Per mp3 audio file

Recording Methods: Drag & Drop onto flash drive

Program Options: (USB1200) Single Track playback.
(USB1200M) 1 of 6 messages or up to 1023 audio files in rotation

Source Bandwidth: Per mp3 audio file

Recording Times: Selectable per flash drive

Speaker: A built-in speaker allows you to audition program material during installation or during normal playback

Audio Output: 600 ohm and 8 ohm

Dimensions: 4.75" x 6.5" x 1.6"

Weight: 3lbs (Boxed)

Power: 12V DC Adapter Included

Connectors: RCA to mini & RCA to RCA (both provided)

Digital Reliability

Since the digital circuitry has no moving, playback is extremely reliable

Warranty: Three year manufacturer limited warranty

Note: The Bit-Rate of your MP3 file and size of your Flash Drive
will determine memory capacity in time
The Chart below shows "approximate" capacity times with given memory. Note that 32 MB of Internal OnBoard memory is standard and the USB1200also ships with a USB Flash Drive! There are no known limits to external USB memory on the USB1200. The USB1200 has been tested to over 40 GB successfully!
Bit-Rate Quality Onboard Flash
USB Flash Drv
USB Flash Drv
USB Flash Drv
2 GB
USB Flash Drv
4 GB
USB Flash Drv
8 GB
32 Kbps Telephone 2 hours 8 hours 17 hours 5.6 days 11 days 22 days
64 Kbps FM Radio Quality 1 hour 4 hours 8 hrs 32 min 2.8 days 5.6 days 11 days
96 Kbps Near CD Quality 45 minutes 3 hours 6 hrs 24 min 2.1 days 4.2 days 8.4 days
128 Kbps Close to CD Quality. 30 minutes 2 hours 4 hours 34 hours 2.8 days 5.6 days
160 Kbps Superior Sound Quality 23 minutes 1.5 hours 3 hours 1 day 2.5 days 5 days
256 Kbps Extreme Sound Quality 15 minutes 1 hour 2 hours 17 hours 1.4 days 2.8 days
Time Capacity Chart © 2016 Powers Productions

Please allow for standard or express shipping.
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