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Message On-Hold FACTS (FAQ)
  • 85% of business callers are put on hold (8 out of 10).
  • 75% of those have the potential to call you again....be nice to 'em (almost 6 of those 8)
  • . Telephone Message On Hold Information and FAQs - Facts
  • 63% of business callers on hold hearing no music or message will hang up before you get back to them.(Hello lost revenue - Hello lost clients)
  • .
  • 85% of your business callers prefer professionally produced and personalized Messages On-Hold, and
    will actually listen
    to what your message has to say. Use on hold time wisely.
  • 20% of business callers made purchases based on the Message On-Hold they were listening to.
    ( Hello increased revenue - Hello return clients).
  • 94% of the average marketing/advertising budget is spent getting people to call a business
  • Only 5% of that budget is spent in On-Hold marketing. They call you because of your campaign, then end up hanging up.
  • The national average hold time for companies with more than two telephone lines is 35 seconds.
    Make use of that time, keep 'em on-line!
  • In a recent survey among businesses currently using an on-hold messaging system:
    • 97% would recommend the purchase of an on-hold system to other businesses
    • 96% believe their message on-hold has improved their company's image
    • 95% believe their message provided value to their callers
    • 78% felt the message decreased the rate of caller hang-ups
    • 69% felt the message increased company sales
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Telephone Message On-Hold Questions and Answers
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I don't think my phone system has a Music/Message On-Hold feature
We really don't put our callers On-Hold
We don't want to "sell" anything to our customers while they're On-Hold
But we already have a radio On-Hold
Tell me about the included music license fees
Are there monthly fees?
Can I update my message?
But we have more than one location
What if we don't like something in our message?
But our secretary (or Brother In-Law) will record a message for free
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Q. I don't think my phone system has a Message/Music On-Hold feature.
A. The fact is, most multiple line phone systems manufactured in the last 20 years either have the Message On-Hold feature, or can be activated for very little cost.[return to questions]

Q. We don't really put our callers On-Hold.
A. Wait, you've never used the hold button? While it's good to discourage your employees from keeping your customers On-Hold, it happens. While transferring them to another office, or while fetching a file or other information they do get put On-Hold. Have confidence they'll hang around with a Message On-Hold from Powers Productions.[return to questions]

Q. I don't want to "sell" anything to my customers On-Hold.
A. That's fine. Our custom script writers can lead your Message On-hold in the direction of interesting facts about your company, your services and products. Entertainment information they'll love hearing and passing on to their friends (i.e. What the "WD" in WD40 stands for, how long you've been in business, the origin of the bagel, etc.). Think of it as a courtsey to not have them listen to silence or commercials that air on a radio you might have plugged into your system. [return to questions]

Q. We already play a radio On-Hold with my favorite station on it.
A. Oops.....it may not be one of your largest customers' favorites. And at some point in time they will have to sit through a 5 minute commercial cluster, possibly hearing about your competition. And then there are the ASCAP/BMI/SESAC license fees that the radio station pays for. It helps fund the artists efforts. We just bet you haven't paid your fees.....fines amount up to and exceed $10,000 dollars. That's a lot of zeros! Worth it? [return to questions]

Q. Tell me more about the music fees.
A. Even we have to pay them. But they are included in your package price. And with a Message On-Hold from
Powers Productions, they're paid for the life of your production. We won't come back 3 months later to collect more. The music you select from are professional pieces composed by those who record for the motion picture and network/sports/television industries.[return to questions]

Q. OK, but how about other monthly fees?
A. There aren't any! With a Professional Message On-Hold from Powers Productions you experience ownership of your production for the life of it. Never a fee of any kind to pay again for that production. No subscriptions, No monthly fees, quarterly fees or yearly fees.[return to questions]

Q. So can I ever update my message?
A. Yes, and at a far greater savings than your initial price. In fact, we encourage updates often. Your return callers actually prefer to hear fresh messages from time to time. That may be a couple times a year, or weekly, depending upon your business. [return to questions]

Q. I have more than one location that needs your services.
A. Great! You can either use the same "script" and simply pay a small site license fee or for a very attractive price, we'll custom create new script for each additional location. [return to questions]

Q. Since the Message On-Hold is customized, what if we don't like something about it?
A. No - Problem - What ever you don't like, we'll make right, from the start. You'll get to approve the production before it's shipped. Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal. We want you to be completely thrilled with your Personalized Message On-Hold and recommend us to your business associates. We grow from word of mouth advertising, and we always send you an extra "thank you" in the form of a check from any referral that results in business. Just ask us to find out more.[return to questions]

Q. How important is a "Professional" on-hold message? My neighbor said he would record some kind of a message for our company for free!
A. OK, that's a really great deal, right? Do you really want to take a chance using a person not trained in the psychology of Callers On Hold or one not professionally voice trained? And who writes the script targeted directly to your clients. The Powers Productions team professionally scripts your copy based on the information you provide. We also have the latest digital recording and editing equipment in our studio to give you that "Big City" sound.
We're Professionals. It's our job.
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